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Prescription Glasses FAQ

What will I need to order prescription glasses?

The two things you will need is a valid signed prescription from an eye doctor and your pupillary distance (PD)

What is Pupillary distance (PD) ? How do you measure it ?

The pupillary distance is the distance between the pupils of your eyes. See illustration. To measure PD, take a small millimeter ruler and align the 0 at the center of the left eye and look at where the ruler hits the center of the pupil in the right eye. This distance is your pupillary distance. 


What does high index material mean ?

High index lenses are ideal for people with higher prescriptions -6.00 and above or +6 and above. It allows the lens to be thinner for a more aesthetically pleasing look. 

How long is processing and shipping ? 
Processing is typically 4-5 days and shipping 1-3 days for domestic and 15 days for international.
Turks & Caicos residents who would like to avoid shipping costs inquire about batch shipping dates.

What are the Premium packages ?

Premium packages include top tier lens material, anti-glare, anti-scratch and blue-light protection.

The only premium package offered at this time is the Digital package. This package is ideal for people who work with computers/digital devices frequently.

Do you offer progressive lenses ?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer progressive lenses. Sign up to email  list for updates on product launches and new add-ons. 


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